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Grade 4 and 5 students participate in the Electives Program which runs throughout the year. This program draws on the skills and passions of teachers to provide new learning experiences. Students are taught in a small group environment, therefore maximizing learning and hands-on assistance.

The following are the modules offered to the students at the beginning of the year from which they select what they wish to pursue


To provide opportunities for creative self-expression and development of social and communication skills. The child will be engaged in activities incorporating drama, music and creative movement in a warm and comfortable environment. To encourage students to put up a production of their own independently.


To train children to make geometrical structures, pictures and creative backgrounds. To enable them to colour with right strokes with pencil or brush. To make children aware of the traditional art forms of rural India and to provide opportunities for participation in Inter school competitions.


Students will acquire and demonstrate competency in playing instruments and will be able to identify the three major instrument groups: Stings, Woodwinds, Brass. Students will be able to visually recognize an instrument. They will learn about tempo & pitch. Students will acquire and demonstrate technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression. To excel and be part of the school choir and orchestra.


To help children build their skills and deepen their understanding of rhythm and song and how it relates to the visual art of dance. To introduce them to different dance forms and techniques. To provide opportunities for dance performance and choreography for stage and cinematic arts.


To teach children computational thinking using a simple but powerful building-block approach to software development that focuses more on problem solving than on specific syntax. To encourage children to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. To make their own animation scripts.


To enhance students with the scientific knowledge and skills required for their day to day lives. To create awareness of social and environmental issues, development of scientific attitude, problem-solving abilities, positive attitude of teamwork and socially desirable values to think critically. To encourage students to create their own socially relevant inventions.


To kindle the interest of quizzing in children. Make them competent in general awareness. To involve children in fun quiz style challenges and have the opportunity to research and write their own quiz questions. To encourage the students to conduct quiz programmes.


To train them to build stamina and strength. To provide opportunities for the students to excel and be part of the school team. To inculcate values of sportsmanship in them.


To develop the skills and knowledge of the students in an enjoyable learning environment helping them increases their flexibility, co-ordination, mental alertness and tactical thinking, all skills which are very useful in the classroom.


To increase higher level thinking skills, advance math and reading skills, and build self-confidence in our young learners. To see the importance of thinking ahead, trying to figure out what their opponent might do next and what their alternatives are. To anticipate outcomes can transfer to their reading comprehension.


To help children learn the skill and strengthen their muscles to perform aerobic activity with the water resistance. As swimming is a great total body workout, they get stronger, lengthen and gain flexibility. To enable them compete individually and as a team in the inter school competitions.



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