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So how did I get here? It took a volunteering trip to Sri Lanka with ‘Engineers Without Borders’ to help ignite this fire in me. This trip inspired me to make my first long term goal to work as a sustainability consultant for an UN subsidiary. I’ve been told this is a big dream and may just remain a dream but hey, you never know! Since then, I have hard to work extra hard to prove myself.


As someone who wasn’t the most academically inclined, I shifted my focus on sports and other extracurriculars (like being the VP of the Chemical Engineering Society!). Now I must admit, I was lost after graduation, I wasn’t sure which area to go into to get where I want to be. There were days when I would feel like a failure. After speaking to experts in the Built Environment field I realized that I’ll need some core knowledge in order to become a consultant, which led me to this role.


Diving in as a MEP Engineer was by far the boldest and the best decision I’ve made, regardless of stressful work environment. I have learnt to stand up for myself and has made me more resilient. During my journey, I have met a lot of inspiring women who have pushed me to achieve my goals.  Women are strong individuals, and even stronger together. It’s up to us to motivate and push each other to reach greater heights. Remember, there are many paths to choose in life, sometimes the best ones are those which are less taken. You may have a lot of bruises by the time you get through but it’s worth it!




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Reshma Sherif

MEP Engineer

Imagine being the only woman at a construction site! It may sound daunting, but it really isn’t.  Having done UG in Chemical Engineering and PG in Environmental Engineering, construction industry wasn’t my first choice but I’m glad I took this path. Working in a male dominated field hasn’t been easy but it has been such an amazing learning experience. I’ve been mistaken for a man so many times! I don’t blame them; women rarely get into this field.