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Minutes of the Parent Body Meeting held on 12th December 2015 at 8:00 am in DPS Sharjah – Senior Wing.


Chaired by:   Ms. Vandana Marwaha, Principal

Attended by: HM’s – Mr. Rajeev Chandy, Ms. Chitra Raghavan, Ms. Kashmira Kalyaniwalla Parents & Teachers : 9

• On-line Report card to be in a printable/downloadable format.

• ECL Topics on CLP to be in downloadable/Printable Format.

• Regarding MCQ’s (in the Primary) –2 sets to be made available – one to be done in school and one at home to ensure that the students do the test themselves.

• Music and Dance activities to be given equal importance as Sports.

• Introducing Karate Classes in school.

• Shifting teaching methodologies to E-Learning (Introducing tablets to reduce book - load).

• Introducing regular Yoga classes

• To negate the idea of adding oral exam marks to written exams in the Primary wing.

• Introducing one to one counselling based on teachers feedback

• Parents showed their concern with regards to their ward missing a lot of classes on occasions where they have to attend inter-school activities, to which The Principal replied that Photocopied notes, extra classes or doubt clearing sessions could be organised for such students upon request. Moreover she stated that the ECL dashboard becomes a helpful resource in such instances.


Following the interactive meeting the Principal and HM’s thanked the Parent body members for their contributions and helpful feedback.



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