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Students who are confident, respectful, responsible citizens of the world, with the necessary tools to be successful in life and to contribute positively to society...

Macro or holistic level school is viewed as a single entity and its overall Educational Framework with its Core objectives are defined. These objectives are based on Local and Global Environment...

The Governance chain comprises of professionals from different walks of life who not only contribute in terms of the role assigned to them but also give guidance on the strategies that the school...

Message From Principal


Welcome to the academic year 2013-14.  


Every year, every step we take, we ensure that our students have taken the opportunities to develop their talents and abilities and we as a school have so much to celebrate in this area.


Our system and programs set the standard for both their quality and breadth.  The School is continually evolving to meet the growing needs of students by creating new programs for participation and involvement.  



The Investiture Ceremony is held to recognize and encourage leadership in all our children. The Prefectorial Board for the year 2014-15 was selected with great consideration. On 24th April, their posts were conferred on them in a colourful ceremony...

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On 30th April, 2014, DPS Sharjah witnessed a fervent ceremony, where the institution formally appointed the newly formed school cabinet...

The prestigious Award Ceremony of DPS Sharjah was staged in the New Auditorium on 2nd June 2014 to recognize the outstanding attainment...


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