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Award Winning Big Idea from X C – (Opinions  Matter)


The intelligent use of technology can transform and improve almost every aspect of school. Increasingly innovative teaching and learning in the classroom is seen as a vehicle for higher student achievement, more relevant learning and the development of skills deemed necessary for working and living in the future.  Adopting technology and innovative methods that would add value to the existing system, not only in academics but also including the other areas of activities in the school.


The Challenge for this category is to describe an innovative project that would demonstrate the capacity of IT to help address or support our school. The goal of this categories to stimulate new thinking on a broad range of social benefits of information technology.


• In the school website, on selecting Login a drop list would appear mentioning CLP Login, Special Programmes and Opinion Matters.

• On selecting Opinion Matters a separate page would appear asking for the student’s Admission Number or Email Id.  

• After entering the required details, a dialogue box would appear asking whether the problems are technological, administrative, personal or others.

• After selecting the specific problem that the student seems to have, a blank box would appear in which they can mention their problems and mail it to the Prefectorial Board.

• The problems mentioned by the students and parents will be sent to an email id that can only be accessed by the Prefectorial Board and the Rep.

• Thus, the problem would be looked into and a feasible solution would be provided by the students, parents and the school management.

Opinions Matter




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