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Educational Paradigm

DPS, Sharjah follows an indigenous model of Education which has evolved, nurtured, and knowledge poured through extensive research and development and experience of our mentors and DPS Society over years.


It is a multilayered Educational model consisting of macro and micro paradigms, and is based on the principle to provide not only Academic, but also enhance learning, enhance skills and inculcates positive attitude, passionate students, who are willing to challenge their limits to achieve the best and compete in 21st century.


In order to face increasingly competitive work and higher education environments, DPS focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication, Culture, Connectivity and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future.


Student Aptitude Management program:The key objective of this program is to ensure that a student is able to face the cutthroat competition of 21st century whilst ensuring that the passion, zeal and enthusiasm is never lost and acts as an active, responsible and an intelligent global citizen..


The Core objectives envisioned by the management of DPS are encapsulated in an educational wrapper or the AIDA framework. This is an evolving framework which is based on four pillars:

The AIDA frameworks when applied in context to metaphors defines an age appropriate knowledge acquisition, the way knowledge is imparted, personality and aptitude develop ment, and assessing strategies which is not only age appropriate but forms the building block for the student to successfully move to next metaphor.


This matrix view of education as specified in below figure This enables DPS to create an educational differentiation which is not only sustainable but also offers an opportunity for students to take on the challenges of future with greater zeal and enthusiasm.


Our students are not only the recipient of learning imparted by the School and its associated processes, but are also the flagbearers of DPS brand during their life-span. The 21st century economic environment is going to be even more turbulent and competitive as compared to 20th century marred by ever increasing population boom around the globe. This competition for resources is envisioned and student’s management revolves around FOCUS-5 program.



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