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There are large amounts of waste generated domestically and commercially despite its potential to be reused.

• Many are aware that sustainable living on a wider platform by increasing the productivity of reused items is possible but very few work towards it.

• Thus, a good amount of reusable waste remains neglected and not used for any productive purpose.



We aim to solve all these issues by a single solution.  

• An app will be created for students to effectively reuse materials and donate them to a good cause, all while encouraging the students through a rewards program.

• There was a questionnaire sent out to students through which we were able to identify the interest rate of students, including the type of materials they would be willing to recycle.

• Through our initiative, we aim to inculcate the practice of sustainable living on a wider platform by increasing the productivity of reused items, all while encouraging students to engage in an activity which can be of significance both in environmental and social terms.




•We plan to inculcate this project in already- existing resources, such as the Eco- Committee and the ‘Eco-lution’ mobile application. Hence, minimum investment is required mainly for the logistics of keeping and distributing both donated and final goods.

• This project is applicable for the students of grades 3-12.

• This could be implemented in phases starting with the students of grades 6-8.

• With accurate planning, this project could further be extended to the students of grades 3-5 and then finally to grades 9-12.


•Students will be more encouraged and motivated since they will be able reap the rewards of their actions.

•More students will start getting involved in doing more work related to environment and society and will then carry forward these thoughts and actions in their everyday life.

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