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Offering a world class education founded on an elaborated National Curriculum of India accredited by CBSE.


CBSE Affiliation Number: 6630042 valid till March 2025 


All children have a right to a broad, balanced and relevant education which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account. Work in school should be designed to meet the requirements of the CBSE Curriculum. At Delhi Private School the staff, parents, and governors are totally committed to the development of our pupils and students, to offer them the best education: An education that is rich in opportunities and experiences; one that meets the needs of each individual, is accessible and actively promotes achievement and progressions for all pupils and so allows them to achieve their full potential.



Delhi Private School, Sharjah is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Government of NCT Delhi. The effective implementation of this policy lies with the SLT who delegates responsibility to the Heads of Department, Subject teachers and to the Activity Supervisors. The curriculum is reviewed annually



We believe that the curriculum offered to our pupils should reflect the aims of the school and the following fundamental principles.



Pupils study within a variety of different areas of experience

The curriculum is broad and takes full account of the CBSE curriculum programmes of study for KG to Grade 12 – 14 years of schooling.



A balance through age related needs represented by progression in the curriculum content.  Students entering school will have the opportunity to access a wide range of subjects while the content that emphasizes practical, community based activities that focus upon the concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes for adult life.



All subjects is taught in such a way as to make plain their link with the pupils' own experience and their continuing value in adult life. There is a strong focus on the students learning through practical experience so that their learning has meaning.



What is taught and how it is taught is clearly defined for all students and activities are matched closely to pupils' individual ages, abilities and aptitudes and needs.


This is achieved through:-

• A structured yet imaginative teaching and learning program

• A variety of teaching styles and strategies including whole class teaching, practical work, and group or individual work

• Access to bright and cheerful classrooms that are well equipped with modern, sturdy furniture and a good range of relevant materials and resources including computers and interactive smartboards.

• Collaborative learning




The aim of our curriculum is to develop as fully as possible the understanding, knowledge and skills of each student so that when they leave DPS Sharjah they are in a position to meet the challenges that they will face in a rapidly globalizing and competitive world.


We intend to nurture students who are:

• Motivated;

• Tolerant and caring;

• Enjoying and understanding their learning;

• Intellectually curious;

• ICT capable;

• Developing high quality learning skills and leadership qualities;

• Comfortable and knowledgeable about the United Arab Emirates.

The curriculum also intend to prepare students for adult life by being actively encouraged to participate in a wide variety of experiences to further enhance their soft skills though community and charity work, public speaking, school committees as well as leadership roles.


Extra-curricular activities 

A whole range of extra-curricular activities are provided in order to support the development of students' skills.



The school has also introduced a digital citizenship curriculum in all classes Grades 3 to 12. Children are growing up with the power of digital media and technology to explore, connect, create, and learn in new ways. With this power, young people have great opportunities, but they also face challenges and dilemmas. As we are dealing with the ramifications, including issues such as online safety, cyberbullying, privacy, hate speech, misinformation, and digital distraction. To address these issues, DPS Sharjah has endeavored to create a positive culture around media and technology by incorporating digital citizenship education as part of our curricula.


The digital curricula is aligned to a computer science syllabus of every grade and mapped both vertically and horizontally.


Core values of our Digital Citizenship Curricula

• To define balance in our digital lives - by balancing media and well being

• To care about everyone's privacy - ensuring privacy and security

• To define who we are - through our digital footprint and identity

• To know the power of our words and actions - through good relationships and communication

• To be kind and courageous - by avoiding cyber bullying digital drama and hate speech

• To be critical thinkers and creators - by being news and media literate



DPS Sharjah recognizes and tries to identify  students with special gifts and talents.   Teachers routinely try to stretch and challenge the most able in every lesson rather than have dedicated lessons for the most able. Opportunities are given to students of such ability and these students are encouraged to participate in competitions beyond the school.



Students regardless of any barrier to learning are admitted, provided they are capable of fulfilling our high academic expectations and meet the criteria outlined in the Admissions Policy. Students who need additional support to reach their potential receive intervention on a needs-led basis in line with the DPS Sharjah SEND / SOD policy.


The school is strongly committed to inclusive education across all year groups; this provision includes one in which the teaching, learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all the students who gain admission to DPS Sharjah matter – including those identified as having additional needs.


Each class is likely to include students who have profound and multiple learning difficulties, students who may have challenging behaviour and students whose pattern of learning is represented by steady attainment in many areas of the curriculum. The class sessions are delivered incorporating individual learning objectives which are created following very individualised assessments. Class teachers and Special educators are responsible for the planning and delivery of the curriculum for the students within their class, and typically small group and individual teaching form the main teaching styles employed within the classroom.



The school offers the curriculum equally to all pupils regardless of gender, cultural background, race or religion. Within its’ current resources, the school attempts to discriminate positively on behalf of all pupils to compensate for any educational problems that are due to specific language difficulties, medical or physical disabilities or social attitudes caused by being in segregated specialist provision.



The DPS Sharjah counselling department provide all the requisite advise to students to choose and to apply into good colleges and universities. (Please check CCC Policy)

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