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Creativity comes from a conflict of Ideas’ 


The youth of today are brimming with ideas that need letting out. When DPS Sharjah presented the opportunity of the BIG IDEA, there was no stopping the creative minds of the innovative students of 9G who began brainstorming ideas in order to meet the many prerequisites of the competition. The conception for the Big Idea had started from the beginning of the year and class 9G’s efforts were culminated in the winning idea: The Paper“Back” Project.


At its core, the idea focuses on the reuse of paper - something that is consistently bought and used, but negligently discarded.


Considering that paper is the most commonly used resource and that fact that it takes almost 5 liters of water to produce an A-4 size paper and that paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste, It seemed only ideal that students who form a sizeable part of paper consumption should also be in the forefront of conserving paper and reusing it.


The project deals with the reuse of single side used paper that is often discarded into dustbins and the foremost aim is to eliminate the common and callous practice of discarding paper to ensure that every bit of paper is used to the fullest. The implementation of the program has been designed with paper “back” bins to be affixed in corridors in which students can dispose of one side used paper. These one side used papers will be utilized in the creation of  the paper “Back” books.


Though simplistic in its approach, the participation and co-operation of the students is vital and could well turn the tide in how they value and respect not just Mother Earth, but their own belongings by conserving waste and using it to create a better future for themselves and the world at large. 




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BIG IDEA The Paper “Back” Project