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The Problem Statement

Many students face difficulty in setting an effective timetable for the school year or don’t even care to. This is just like traversing an ocean without a compass. Lack of an effective timetable causes the buildup of stress and wastage of time. And as we all know, time once gone can never come back.


The Big Idea Solution

Creating and adhering to a well-structured timetable is essential for students to effectively manage their time and increase their chances of success. Our project, Metronome is a software that will help students to tame their lives. It uses AI to charter out a monthly timetable and outline a plan in order to synchronize their personal and academic life.

Unlike a conventional calendar app, all the student needs to do is enter his/her activities and tasks and Metronome gives him/her a suitable timetable to adhere to.


Proposed Innovation

• A student first enters all the activities that he/she has to complete along with the deadline and amount of time required for its completion for a      given week.

• Metronome will distribute all these activities in an effective manner.

• It will also send reminders before deadlines.

• It will also ensure that the timetable contains ample rest and exercise so that the child can avoid feeling stressed out about his/her schedule.

• Metronome thus digitalizes and arranges everything for the learner; the student needs to just make minor adjustments to the schedule when necessary.


Metronome is the best tool for time management for students. Our BIG IDEA of an automated Student Planner System is thus aimed to help students navigate through the school year in a stress-free manner with ample amount of rest and exercise.



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