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• Too low or too high pH value in soil stunts plant growth.

• This can lead too low yield produce and wastage of resources.

• Our project focuses mainly on this problem experienced environmentally.

• Our project’s purpose is to aid our school gardens to remain vitalized and healthy for many, many more years to come.


We aim to solve all these issues by a single solution.

• The Green Helper completely overcomes this issue.

• The “Green Helper”, is a mobile robot that can be used to detect the potential hydrogen of soil.

• It exactly calculates how acidic or basic the soil is, thus preventing an overload of chemicals of one type in the soil, adding years to the crop’s life.

• After the initial research on issues faced in the green industry, we pinpointed the problems we wanted to tackle, that is mainly pH level related problems.

• Then we designed the 3D prototype using software, according to different features we intend for our product to have.

• We then determined the coding for the bot.




• First, the plant type needing to be evaluated should be selected through the interactive screen of the bot. This feature will help in producing results with higher accuracy.

• A major key in the Green Helper that makes it an easier use than normal pH sensors is mobility. While the laborious task of checking the pH level of each and every plant might seem possible, it is impractical. Our Green Helper can be encrypted with code to customize it to a specific place or route.

• We will program it with the pathways inside our school’s garden, so it does not need any outside help to navigate the plants.

• Since it is an Artificial Intelligence, its movement is self-automated and thus, manual labour is not required at all.

• The Green Helper is lightweight, sustainable, environmentally friendly, mobile and has a very fair cost.


•Using Green Helper, students will be able to provide aid to our school gardens to keep them remain vitalized and healthy, without wastage of resources.

• This project will also help our school to achieve its aim in becoming a “Green school”.

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