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Noise-o-Meter, an invention by IX. F has won the first prize for the BIG IDEA COMPETITION for the year 2020-21. Big Idea is a DIPSITE challenge for the students to come forward with exclusive innovative ideas. Students are encouraged to think out of the box and come up with cutting edge ideas which are cost effective and user friendly.


This device consists of three coloured lights: red, yellow and green. The sound sensor in this device detects any sound that exceeds 65 decibels,


which is the decibel for a fairly noisy room! The 3 lights will be activated as follows:


Green: 65 Decibels

Yellow: 70 Decibels

Red: 75 Decibels and concerned authorities will be notified through Bluetooth.


The Noise-o-Meter ensures a peaceful and stress-free environment by keeping noise levels down. It lets students of other classes concentrate in class and teachers teach effectively. Most importantly, it maintains the overall decorum of the school. Such a device will also help manage the noise coming from a classroom when it is left unattended. The Noise-o-Meter saves the effort taken by the support staff to repeatedly remind the students of the class to lower their volumes.  It’s cost effective and not only does this devise aids the teachers in maintaining class environment, but also  benefits  the students all day long!


Students were duly acknowledged for their year long collaborative hard work.



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