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The term ‘co-scholastic activities’ is used for both cognitive and non-cognitive development that can take place by exposing the child to the scholastic and non-scholastic subjects. At DPS Sharjah, they are integral parts of the curriculum and included in the routine of the school for the holistic development of our children.


Even in hybrid learning, our educational program continues to provide a range of co scholastic activities to nurture latent talents in our pupils and provide

them with sufficient opportunities to portray talents and raise their sense of achievement. The program also creates social and environment awareness in the students and helps them develop a spirit of service towards the extended community.


The ACE PROGRAM of DPS Sharjah caters to the wellbeing and overall holistic development of our students. The various activities enable them to develop key inter-personal skills which cannot be fully realized in the classroom, while allowing them to pursue their interests outside the purely academic context. These innovative programs also enhance social skills, develop teamwork abilities, and provide students with opportunities to relieve stress, build resilience and learn to manage their time more effectively. The program works under three domains: ACTIVITY CREATIVITY ENVIRONMENT & COMMUNITY OUTREACH

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Our specifically designed and balanced curriculum supplements core academic subject learning with a variety of elective courses, that provide students of Grades 4 to 11 with a comprehensive educational experience ideal for their holistic development. Subsumed under the ACE program component of ‘creativity’, the myriad of elective courses provides our students with a uniquely individualized educational experience that builds upon their academic and social strengths.


Sports, fitness, and wellbeing activities are carefully planned to provide a platform for displaying the growth and abilities of our students. They focus on advancing their strengths and improving weaker areas while learning about the value of sportsman spirit. The importance of holistic well-being with a focus on body, mind and soul is emphasized.


Students are encouraged to acquire techniques and skills for creative expression and given a platform to express it. They are taught the intricacies of music and dance to help them discover their own innate capacity for the communication of ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the medium of art music and dance.


Every day in DPS Sharjah begins with an all school prayer, sharing of the Thought for the Day and singing of the National Anthems of UAE and India.


From Grade 3 onwards each student is allocated to one of the four houses of the school namely AMAZON, DANUBE, INDUS, and NILE. Various Inter-House Competitions are organized in which students compete at various levels according to their choice.


The co-scholastic program of the school enables students to hone their talents and provides a myriad of opportunities for them to participate in local and international school competitions school thus giving them the opportunity to compete with the best in the region and beyond.

The school provides a balanced and graded physical education program which allows all our students to gain a greater knowledge of the benefits of sports and physical activity towards a healthy life. The children are introduced to the basics of games like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and Basketball. We specially focus on different activities according to the age starting from Mass Drill and track and field games.

Auditions for participation are held in various categories of visual and performing arts and sports and games. The competitions provide an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents and compete with the best in the school.

In addition to this, students participate in scheduled class assemblies that are held to showcase student talents and celebrate successes. From Grade 4 onwards our class assemblies are completely student led and enable students to undertake responsibility, develop self-leadership and enhance interpersonal skills.


At DPS, Sharjah environmental awareness is inculcated at the earliest age. Students are encouraged to undertake various activities and projects -- both within the school and the community -- to raise awareness about the environment in the community and society at large. The school has vibrant environment program overseen by the student council who lead the activities in the school. Students participate in local and international environment competitions and undertake community projects individually or in groups as a part of the ACE program too.