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There are a few students in school who donate and recycle in school, but the majority don’t tend to contribute because they feel that they don’t get a satisfactory reward.

•There are very few people who are aware of the ICREATE club in our school.

•No one feels that the house points system is relevant and therefore are not interested in contributing towards their house’s points.



we aim to solve all these issues by a single solution.

•The advanced points system (a.p.s):

•We would like to implement a system of points which will reward each student for their actions that contribute to the improvement of the DPS family in any form.

•The students could earn points by several actions (for ex: winning in interhouse competitions, performing well in assemblies, volunteering in certain school duties, donating clothes, books , oil, paper, etc.)

•These points will be given a value (for ex:10kg of donations=1point, contribution in assemblies=0.5 points per student, etc.)

•Theses points could then be used to redeem a variety of rewards(for ex: redeeming an item from the i-create club= 20 points, redeeming a book from the library= 15 points, etc.)

•Note: we will continuously be updating the rewards and the ways that students can earn these points to keep the points system valid.




•The implementation of this system should be smooth since we already have the E-POCKET system in place and hence could link these points to the existing data of each student along with the E-POCKET.

•Each student who would like to redeem a reward could either book it through a portal in the CLP or could physically go to redeem their reward by showing their RFID card

•NOTE: The budget for this idea will be according to the rewards that we will choose, hence, may vary.


•Students will have something to work towards since they will be able reap the rewards of their actions.

•More students will start getting involved in doing more society work and will then replicate these actions in their day-to-day life.

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