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Education is the lustrous soul of a nation that is passed on to the posterity. It is the most powerful weapon that progressive nations espouse to tackle astronomical change. If the past few pandemic-smeared months are anything to go by, we have witnessed that education alone can equip nations with the know-how to build an edifice of resilience and to assuage the repercussions of the unknown.


At DPS Sharjah, we have shown beyond doubt that challenge is man’s true touchstone.  We have proved our mettle as we trudged through uncertain trails in our arduous but exciting journey through the past one year. We have assiduously worked in harness to bring in seamless transition from onsite classes to online and hybrid classes in alignment with our technology-driven pace. This has stretched our horizons to new dimensions.


In so far as Middle school is concerned, it is, at the same time, a tugboat that tows students from what was and a diving board to take the plunge into what will be. In a nutshell, it is the pivotal transitional junction that bridges the cozy, chaperoned corridors of Primary school and the competitive ambience of High school. DPS Middle school fosters a powerhouse of talents. Blending with change, we have ushered in a prolific array of academic, value-based, and holistic activities to create veritable global citizens. Our ethos, our indomitable team spirit, our reservoir of resourcefulness and our ability to stretch our arms to the society at large have helped students to augment their prowess and carve a niche for themselves in our present day vibrant and happening world.  As it is rightly said, “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

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