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“Nurturing empowered contributors to a global society!” A quest that has been our mission at Delhi Private School Sharjah. A quest towards which, every faculty member, staff, parent, and student have been equal and responsible contributors, hand holding one another through this wonderful journey of “Learning”!


Over the years, we have built a tradition of excellence at DPS Sharjah, where innovation has grown to be a culture and every student is an explorer… an innovator!  Every wall, every niche is a canvas to explore and every classroom an innovation hub. We believe that the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. Our corridors echo with excited “whys” and “hows”, and this constant curiosity is what we endeavour to inculcate in our children, right from the time they step into kindergarten.  


Our students are at the core of all that we do, and their health & wellbeing is our priority. We believe in being mindful while the mind is full. The school’s multi-faceted robust wellbeing program that is thoroughly appreciated by parents and students, addresses both the physical and holistic development of our students and staff, and is an endorsement of this belief. While classrooms provide the nourishment for the mind, our co-curricular activities are food for the soul. The walls resonate palpably with the sounds of excitement, happiness and eureka moments of our students as they participate actively in music, dance, games, robotics, and a plethora of cerebral, physical, and holistic activities offered to them.


The past couple of years have brought to fore the relevance of enhanced wellbeing and our students and faculty were well equipped to handle these situational challenges. Unafraid to tread strange waters, they rose to the occasion and made themselves proficient in every way, attaining success.

The past few years also highlighted the importance of technology and its implementation in learning. While it ensured an undisruptive continuity in learning and opened new avenues of information that was greatly beneficial to our students, it also became a matter of concern of many parents, understandably so.


Technology in the classroom is NOT the end goal. Enabling learning everywhere is the goal. Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it is transformational.  Delhi Private School is a technology driven school, and our students must be updated - after all, we are in the era when information is available at the click of a button! What we endeavour to imbibe in our young students and emphasize is the judicious usage of technology.


Every decision we make is aimed at improving outcomes for students. We also emphasize on wholesome and value-based education, giving specific attention to the holistic aspect. Empathy is a much-valued trait, and our students are encouraged to imbibe it in every aspect of their lives. Our wonderful expert team of emotional and wellbeing counsellors ensure that our students vulnerable to the system, are guided well through their learning.  


Innovation has been a driving force and we constantly strive to include it within the framework of our academics, and co-curricular activities, programs that enable our students to constantly experiment, experience and explore the unknown with a focus on their future goals. The remarkable achievements of our students in international exams, CBSE board exams, national and international competitions, year after year are testimony that we are in the right direction.


We are particularly elated to have our students back in the campus in full strength and school activities in full swing. The challenges continue to loom, but through all this, we have taken particular care to adhere to all the protocols for the safety of our students and all members of the DPS Sharjah family.


Last but not the least, our alumni continue to make us proud, making a mark in the larger world, while upholding the ethos and values imbibed during their years at Delhi Private School, Sharjah!


We are indeed privileged to be educators, as our fingerprints never fade from the lives we touch!


Ms. Vandana Marwaha

Principal & Director


Principal & Director

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. The principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”