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• Students should carry necessary material requires for examination ie. pen,

pencil sharpener etc. Borrowing or lending will not be allowed as it causes



• Strict action will be taken against the students caught cheating during the



• Students must carry their admit card on all exams days.


• Admit card will be issued only

upon clearing Fees and Library



• A student needs to take permission regarding absence from the concerned  school authorities on exam days.


• Leaves taken must be applied on CLP to Supervisor or HM.


• Students who have applied for sick leave should submit a medical certificate to the Supervisors at the earliest.


• A student is considered ABSENT in his/her exam if he/she does not attend the exam and do not provide a valid reason for his/ her absence .In such case the student will be given no marks  in that examination.


• A student can be granted PL if his/ her absence is supported with the necessary documents. A medical certificate or any other appropriate documentation subjectedto the approval of HM.


• A student must write the SA-I, SA-II, PSA and all Ministry Exams. No exemption will be given for these exams.


• PL can be granted only on the discretion of the Principal or HM for weekly tests only.

• Students must reach school latest by 7:15 a.m.


• It is mandatory for the students to carry RFID  card everyday. They must punch the card at the time of boarding and deboarding the school bus.


• The students availing own transport  must punch their card at the security gate as they enter and exit the school.


• Every student should carry his/her Almanac everyday .


• Students must be punctual in reaching  the auditorium whenever they have assembly.


• Movement of students  from one classroom to  another  should be in a peaceful and orderly manner.


• The classroom decorum has to be maintained at all times, disrupting  or damaging school property by writing and scribbling  is strictly prohibited.


• In any case  accidental damage must  be reported to the respective supervisors immediately.


• Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones and any other electronic device to school on instructional days. Flouting this rule will have the device confiscated.


• Students are also not allowed to bring any reading material other than the prescribed books.

• Office bearers should wear their badges everyday.


• The students who avail private transport should leave only with their guardian latest by 2:00 p.m.


• The parents must deposit their ID proof to the reception in the beginning of the year which will be needed to collect their ward.


• No other person will be allowed to collect the child without a consent letter from the parents. They have to submit the same to the concerned authority.


• Parents can meet Headmaster/Headmistress/Supervisors only with  prior appointment.


• Uniform is compulsory during school hours and for all school functions, including all  instances where the students represent the school outside. It  must be neat and clean everyday.


• House-wise PE uniform to be worn for PE according to the timetable.


• Streaking and colouring of hair is not permitted.


• Students  are not allowed to wear any flashy jewellery.


• Students must reach the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time. Buses will not wait for latecomers.


• No student should approach the entry door of the bus unless it comes to a complete halt. They should enter the bus in an orderly manner and take their seats immediately.


• The bus drivers are authorised to stop the buses at the DESIGNATED STOPS ONLY. Unless otherwise directed by the bus teacher.


• A list of DESIGNATED STOPS have been formulated keeping in view the convenience and safety of the students and you are required to adhere to the same.


• Parents are not allowed to enter or travel in the bus at any time.

• Students should not move around in the bus while it is in motion.


• Trash or objects of any kind should not be discarded inside or thrown out of the bus.


• Students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the bus by negligence or vandalism.


• The driver’s attention should not be distracted for any reason.


• The bus teachers and bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offence will be reported to the Headmistress/Head Master.


• Children will not be allowed to board other buses at any given moment of time.