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Being a high expectation school, with a dynamic teaching-learning model in place, technologically advanced learning environments and continuous comprehensive assessments, good choice of electives and outstanding sports facilities we create an ambience for accelerated learning.  


We, at Delhi Private School -Sharjah guide our children through all the rough and unprecedented terrains. Therefore, equip them with knowledge, moral values and ethics to make them global well-grounded citizens who will develop as future leaders and make a positive impact on the world.

We believe in oiling the wick and being the matchstick.


"Let’s not fill their minds but light a fire."

Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself. John Dewey


At Delhi Private School -Sharjah, we build on the principle of enjoying the journey of education while we focus on developing curiosity, a thirst for acquisition of knowledge, independent learning, inspired leadership and developing new ideas for a more equal and better world.


In this extremely combative and volatile world of today, a child must be well armed with not only the armour of knowledge and confidence but a strong emotional maturity as well. Our students and staff along with our ever-vibrant parent community play an active role in building positive relationships and contribute extensively to the environment and society.

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