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Aanya, a fifth-grade student at DPS School, embodies a passion and enthusiasm for learning and creativity. Born on January 11, 2014, she has demonstrated a deep love for reading and writing from a young age. Aanya's inquisitive nature has led her to explore a variety of topics, and she delights in sharing her knowledge with her family. At the age of nine, Aanya achieved a remarkable milestone by publishing her first book titled "Friendship of the Sea World." This insightful work has not only become a cherished addition to her school's library but has also earned a place in the esteemed Dubai library. Currently, she is diligently working on another book, further showcasing her passion for literature and dedication to her craft. A testament to her dedication and talent, Aanya's literary accomplishment showcases her commitment to education and storytelling.

Kanshika Manikandan 10-year-old is a young recipient of Diana Award, Sharjah award for Academic Excellence and NetZero Hero selected by Ministry of Education (MoE, UAE) to represent events at COP28. She is also a UNICEF Ambassador to represent in COY at COP28. She has won in “BLUE DOT “ drawing competition at COP28 and FAO soil ART competition.

Kanshika is a young, published author and illustrator, who writes about nature and how small children can take actions to bring beauty to it. Her book on Mangroves is one which shows an adventurous journey of a young boy Sultan learning the importance of Mangroves on UAE coast. She has also been invited as a guest speaker at King’s School, Al Barsha to speak about her book.

Kanshika has won short story writing competition in “Me Kids Magazine” and been awarded “WORDSMITH AWARD” and “LITTLE PICASSO AWARD for her drawing skills. She has been identified as a Gifted Writer as part of Voices of Future Generation WE Write Programme 2022-23 by Emirates Literature Foundation. She has also won 1st place in Hindi Story writing competition hosted by Raj Bhasha Utsav.


Zeeshan, a fifth-grader studying in Delhi Private School Sharjah, has always exhibited a keen interest in the English language and reading from a very young age. He is born on 31st January 2014, has also been recognised as a good orator from the kindergarten in his school. At the age of 10, Zeeshan’s zeal and adoration in


Our Chess Prodigy  ,Safin Safaraullakhan  a student of Grade4  has known chess moves  from the  age of 4. He stood first in the  UAE Team Rapid Chess Championship 2024 and 20th Caspian Sea Cup Blitz U1800 Chess Championship 2024 and  second in UAE Team Classic Chess Championship 2024 .  These incredible accomplishments are proof of this little champ’s potential and commitment!


story telling led him to write a book and become a Published Author on the Upschool.co website. His book entitled “The Wandering Bird”, is a story about a bird and its adventures into this world only to realize that it’s a beautiful place to find friends and family, spreading kindness and lots of fun with loved ones. A story to inspire children to always make friends and spread love for a better tomorrow. His insightful book has been showcased in the school’s library and also a treasured by his friends, so that more children are inspired to read and write.