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Ms. Gurpreet Modi -

Headmistress Primary (Pre KG-Gr2)

Teachers expertly make use of various innovative methods to ensure that the natural inquisitiveness, creativity, and the inherent sense of fun are nurtured, on this journey of developing independent and reflective learners. Our teachers are always creating opportunities to engage, excite and encourage the students to dream big so that they can reach beyond the expected level. We make sure that the students enjoy themselves in the learning process and discover their talents along the way.


Positive reinforcement plays a vital role in the behavioral and holistic development of a student. We celebrate students learning and achievement in the classroom, in the corridors, on our website, on social media and with our parent community.  We want our parents to be engaged in their children’s education and would like them to partner us and take pride in this journey of excellence.


We encourage you to feel a part of our school community and to be involved in our school at whatever level you can to ensure all children have a rich school experience. Please share with us your queries, suggestions, and appreciation.


Let us build a strong community of independent and empowered students as we journey together.

The primary wing of DPS Sharjah is a buzzing hub of happy, eager, curious, and natural learners. Their sense of wonder, enthusiasm and love for learning is embraced and nurtured skillfully in a welcoming and enriching environment. Our priority is always to ensure that our students are well cared for, feel looked after and are surrounded by people who they can rely on. We thrive on our positive relationships with students, parents and teachers which is reflected in our vibrant learning environment.


Education today is dynamic and various innovative strategies are being used to empower the students. The framework and strategies are designed with an aim to prepare the students for the vast vista of amazing opportunities that await them in this 21st century.

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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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