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Ms. KASHMIRA - Head Mistress

Lessons in life take place everywhere.So, whether they are in the classroom or on the sports field our pupils are taught to accept victory and defeat with grace, to respect themselves and to value the needs and opinions of others.


While we are one of the largest schools in terms of numbers on roll, our dedicated teachers strive to meet the individual needs of all students. They aspire to enrich and add value to each pupil’s learning regardless of ability. They work together with parents to promote high standards of learning, behavior and values in children.  


I am very proud to be Headmistress of the primary wing and part of that pride comes from being in touch with my students and seeing their progress as they move from the portals of the primary wing to the senior school and beyond, to become worthy citizens of the world.

The primary wing of DPS Sharjah displays a warm and friendly environment where a core commitment to academic excellence blends gracefully with equally strong traditions of pursuing excellence in character, a love for sport, an appreciation for the arts, and the development of well-rounded young individuals, who thrive on rising to opportunities and challenges.


We truly believe that if students are having fun and enjoying the lesson, then they will open themselves and their brains to true learning. We strive to create an atmosphere, where students look forward to learning, where you hear laughter coming from the classroom, and where students feel challenged but not overwhelmed.



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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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