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Let me start with an event that happened in the life of one of the great scientists of all time-Thomas Alva Edison. After he invented the lightbulb, his scientific findings became an attraction to many young graduates of different universities. He often travelled a lot for discussions and seminars to many places. On one such occasion, he bought a ticket from the railway station, but when the inspector came on his routine checking, Edison could not find his ticket. But since the inspector identified the famous Edison, he overlooked the issue and moved on to the other passengers.  When he returned, he saw that Edison was still searching for the ticket. So, he came up to Edison and said, “Sir, don’t worry, I know that you would have bought the ticket. Edison replied, “I know that you don’t have an issue, but I need to know which station I must get down at”.Even though it is a simple story, it teaches us an important lesson.


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Simply starting on a journey is not enough to reach our destination.

So, let our journey have a reminder and a destination. School, teachers, parents, well-wishers, society…. are all there to remind us about our original choice and the importance of carrying the ticket with us, to reach our destination. So let us remember to check occasionally, to make sure whether we are moving effectively and progressively towards reaching the destination we choose.