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“The more that you read the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


•  The school has excellent library facilities with a separate library each for boys and girls. They have a wide selection of books available.


•  The library has an ‘open access system’. During the library period children are encouraged to read a book of their choice.


• Newspapers, magazines and periodicals help children spend many happy hours expanding their knowledge and cultivating good reading habits.


• The school has well equipped labs for teaching Science, Maths, Languages and Computers.


• Students get ‘hands on experience’ by conducting simple experiments which make their lessons more interesting and easier to understand.


• Trained lab assistants are there to guide the students.



• Education is the all-round development of mind and body.


• Physical education is an integral part of our curriculum.


The school provides adequate facilities for outdoor games such as cricket,



• The school bookshop makes uniforms, books and stationery easily accessible for both parents and students.


• For the purpose of  uniformity parents are advised to buy these from the school bookshop.



Seperate facilities are provided for both boys and girls for dance, music and art where they are trained by experienced and creative people who are experts in their own field.



Delhi Private School Sharjah has outsourced the school transport service to Najmat Al Najah Transport Services.

Najmat Al Najah is a professional transportation provider run by experienced professionals with a track record of safe transportation to students.  The company operates a fleet of bus, following the rules and regulations and specifications as laid by the Local Transport Authority.  Exceptional safety standards and secure and comfortable transportation is the hallmark of the company.


Parents may  visit the website www.nbt.ae for further information



Industrial Area 16, Muwaileh Commercial

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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football, basketball and badminton and indoor games such as table tennis, carom and chess.


• A covered swimming pool gives budding swimmers a chance to excel.


• All these facilities are provided keeping in mind both the comfort of the child and his/her safety.



• The school has two well-equipped clinics with trained doctors and nurses who are available to provide necessary health care.


• In case of emergency students are taken to the hospital for expert care.



• The school has separate canteens for boys and girls.


• It serves healthy food and snacks at subsidized rates.


• Lunch is available for students who need to stay-back



•  Quick and easy communication


• Sharing of all important and relevant information.


• Easy  accessibility to assignment and extra learning material


• Continuous updates on each student's progress.


• Online testing



•  The school counseling centre is committed to provide a range of services intended to help students to develop or improve coping skills in order to address emotional , interpersonal and academic concerns.


•  The school offers the facilities of helping teachers and children to cope better with the surroundings

   and challenges.


•  The centre  also provides guidance to parents.