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Our planet is an astounding abode, but it needs our help to thrive! At DPS, Sharjah we celebrate the Earth Day and the Environment Day, through a variety of activities organized for them, based on the theme of ' reduce, re-use and recycle’. These are aimed at enhancing the awareness in the young minds about the Earth and its preservation.



Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. ’Drop Everything and Read Time’ is observed by every member of the DPS family to inculcate the habit of reading and empower themselves with knowledge.



DPS Confluence is the quintessence of merger and amalgamates DPS Jodhpur, DPS Dubai, NDPS, and DPS Sharjah in a perfect blend of togetherness. It is an attempt to gather the academic elite under the canopy of togetherness and to celebrate the power of union.



To enhance the talent and explore the hidden potential of students we have an established house system in our school. Various inter-house competitions are held in the school to promote the acquisition of knowledge through cultural, sports, and recreational activities.

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DPS aims to creatively cultivate aesthetics in students through research and study, as well as to highlight and promote cultural elements. This in turn has a remarkable impact on the overall personality of students and helps to drive a school to heights of success. Filmmaking is a celebration of art, transcending all borders and tapping the limitless ocean of imagination. In tandem with the media partners, Delhi Private School Sharjah is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of the Reels on Wheels Competition. This is a month-long, enthralling journey of cinematic splendour. Our Department of Media and Communication taps every budding director to give wings to his creative imagination. The aim of the competition is to boost interest in cinema, to create an entry into the dazzling world of filmmaking, and to chisel out future filmmakers. Reels on wheels is a professional platform through which quality children’s films and videos gain increased distribution and access to wider audiences.



My Social Responsibility Programme is an integral part of the school curriculum that allows students to apply their knowledge, passion and skills in the quest for humanitarian goals.

Students are involved in a plethora of social activities and they participate vehemently in activities like Sharing and Caring, Each One Teach One, Autism Awareness etc.