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At our heart lies a focus on holistic development for all our students. While academic excellence is the foundation stone of the school, students in DPS enjoy a dynamic and rich school environment which develops individuality and strength of their character, while fostering a love of learning and enjoyment of the school experience. We believe that our students have important insights and valuable perspectives and acting on their ideas is our priority. I want to ensure that every pupil is inspired by all the opportunities they are offered within our learning environment.


The secret of future is hidden in daily routine. Those who are always open to learn new things are always progressive in their lives.


HM - Grades 9 & 10

In our school we see the transition between the middle school and high school as a process, not as an event. Just as a butterfly, emerges from its cocoon and transforms itself, the transition during these crucial years, develops an intelligent moral, and ethical compass which will help students successfully navigate through the obstacles they may confront in life. As witnessed in most social activities, one program can not suffice for all students, so we implement multiple activities to support our students’ transition.


Our school offers a wide range of accelerated opportunities, academic and non-academic competitions and a well-being program that focusses on the overall mental and physical fitness of learners. We not only provide right opportunities but also teach the students to handle the opportunities well.


As technological advances are helping us reach new levels of globalization, what better environment could there be in which to prepare students for the world that awaits them? The use of technology in school has tailored learning opportunities to meet students at their skill level and prepare them for life. Technology has also allowed us to amplify our school story beyond the walls of our school and our school social media handles, offer significant possibilities for telling inspiring stories of our students! We are proud of our students and are relentlessly committed to developing them for their journey of life.



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