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The senior school at DPS  follows the CCE pattern for Grade IX AND X. The scheme envisages that every learner is to be evaluated for what he does throughout the year according to his ability and intelligence. It emphasizes continuity in evaluation and assessment of learning and behavioural outcomes . CCE covers both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of  a student's growth and development . It is thus a curricular initiative ,attempting to shift  emphasis from testing to holistic learning.


Grades XI and XII also follow the CBSE pattern and appear for the Board exams at the end of Grade XII. The emphasis here is on preparing the students for

the exams that provide the doorway to their future . This is done through a series of pen and paper assessments and constant follow ups.


The four years in senior school thus prepare the student to face all challenges .  


The curriculum in the senior school reflects not only the scholastic aspects  ,but also  life skills acquisition , personality attributes ,interests ,values and proficiency in co-curricular activities reflecting a true picture of the growth and profile of the learner  preparing him for the competitive world ahead.

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