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Is your school a good one? When Joan Lipsitz, the top-of-the-line educationist and renowned author of the highly influential book, Successful Schools for Young Adolescents, posed this question to a group of school administrators recently, confounded by their own idea of excellence, pat came the reply, “we don’t know.”    Fortunately, we, here in DPS-Sharjah, have an affirmative answer to this teasing question because   our institution is driven by common consent and pursuit.


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We believe, the onus of a school is to produce complete individuals empowered to involve themselves fruitfully in society, not just trained workers with abysmal potential for such participation. We call this equipment ‘complete learning’, and DPS-Sharjah is in a relentless struggle to get fine-tuned to the exacting demand this ultimate accomplishment makes on us.


Now, after more than a decade into the service of this ever-growing citadel of complete learning, pious moments of contemplation on the nature of my association with this institution have led me to think that the institution has all these years presented me with a bag full of opportunities that have catalyzed my evolution into   what I am today, warts and all.  I am sure, none with me as colleagues has had an occasion to think or feel differently, for, as a bunch we are all in equal measure committed to excellence here.  


Commitment to excellence overlays commitment to societal needs, and the modus operandi devised to strike such an uneasy target must invariably combine classroom and community settings to produce mature, responsible and motivated performers of optimum national gains. To be knowledgeable and confident, the young have to be life-long learners continually enhancing and updating their grasp of the world and scaling heights of world-class professional competence. Education at this temple of knowledge is a hopeful activity appropriately supported by techno-scientific material and psychological inputs seamlessly aligned to a rapidly changing democratic social fabric.


Uncompromisingly recruited highly professional trainers and teachers, the most important influential variables in the class-room, ensure effective academic, sporting and cultural support of consistently upgraded standards. Values of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding are fostered in the specially developed ambience of the school where the interactions among the students are ever polite, positive, open and cordial, and the standards of integrity the highest.  


We implore the parents to take note of the changes envisioned and keep on asking themselves how they can be of help to their child’s school. It is another way of asking how they can be of help to their own child in transforming him or her to a great future individual of means, merit and matter.  “Education envisaged with individual growth and self-realization at the core alone can match the reality of the present day world, and this calls for an urgent re-visioning and redesigning of our institutions.” We heard these words of caution from Barak Obama during his visit to India recently.  DPS-Sharjah, in its status as international institution, share in this concern and anguish for the young and is reinventing unfailing strategies to channel your child’s creative talents and innate faculties in positive personal and social directions. Please be with us, in the task, for sure. Thank you.



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