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Stepping onto a brand-new path is always difficult, but here at Delhi Private School, Sharjah we want our students to treat every day as a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning for them to get closer to their goals and dreams. All they need to remember is that no dream is ever too big to achieve and that they need to climb the ladder of success one step at a time.


HM - Grades 11 & 12

2020 has been a difficult road for everyone, but together we achieved our ultimate goal, which was not only to include technology in our classrooms but was to enable learning everywhere. Since the origin of DPS in 2000, not just our students, but we too have made exponential progress with constant enhancement in education and a newer, better approach to cooperative learning. Over the years, we have hoped to maximize students’ confidence in their abilities, their enjoyment of learning, and their ability to thrive in school.


We know it has been tough, but we are here for our students, cheering them on, every step of the way. In turn, all they need to do is never give up because there is no such thing as an ending, there are only new beginnings. So, as we enter the academic year 2021-22, it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

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The school counselling centre facilitates each student’s personal/social, academic and career development through the counsellors’ delivery of guidance and counselling activities as well as through a collaborative effort between the home, school, and community.


The schools counselling department offers all students a plethora of services that include both individual and group counselling sessions.


•  The school offers the facilities of helping teachers and children to cope better with the surroundings and challenges.

•  The centre also provides guidance to parents.